Management Systems Policy

As AKSA Akrilik Kimya Sanayii A.Ş., we efficiently implement, review and constantly improve the Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems in all our processes.

We produce our products keeping an eye on the innovations in industry and market, relying on the changing market conditions and customer-oriented approach with competitive costs, high efficiency, superior quality and low energy consumption in an environment-friendly manner and without any compromise from occupational health and safety.

In order to attain our goals and targets, we ensure efficient use of all the resources through the appropriate methods and implementing the best possible technologies with the involvement of all our employees.

Working in compliance with the standards, legal and other liabilities with respect to Management Systems, we contribute to the development of new legislation, standards and rules relating to our processes.

We implement constant and widespread training in accordance with our policies and goals in order to further enhance the levels of proficiency, awareness and training of our employees.

In all processes, we control emergencies and management of possible risks starting from the designing stage through practices related to environmental issues and energy efficiency, management support and involvement of the employees.

We ensure enhancement in the awareness of all our stakeholders by creating an environmentally-harmonious, safe and healthy working atmosphere in order to ensure development of awareness on occupational health and safety, environment and energy conservation.

We determine our health and safety risks and we make sure that they are kept under control in order to avoid injuries and any deterioration of health attributable to the workplace.

In all our processes, we make sure that the wastes are reduced at source, recycling rate is enhanced and the wastes that can no longer be used are disposed of according to the legal requirements.