Management Systems Policy

As Aksa Akrilik Kimya Sanayii A.Ş., we implement, review and continuously improve the Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety and Energy Management Systems in our products, services and activities, in an effective manner.

We produce our products by monitoring the innovations in technology and the market, considering the changing market conditions and a customer focused approach and taking into account competitive costs, high quality and efficiency and low energy consumption.

We work in a manner which is compatible with the applicable conditions and the obligations of compliance, in line with our principles of transparency.

We endeavour to implement training programmes which comply with our policies and targets, in a comprehensive and continuous manner, in order to improve the competences of our employees, the compliance to our ethical values, the consciousness of quality and the environment, health, safety and the level of training.

We assist the efficient use of resources, the prevention of pollution and the protection of the ecosystem in our activities.

We administer the management of emergencies, potential risks and opportunities, and the practices related to the environmental dimensions and energy efficiency, through the participation of our employees and the leadership of our management, and increase the sensitivity of our stakeholders.

We conduct climate change and water and carbon footprint activities, alongside our Okeo-Tex and Green Port Certifications, in our design, consumption, production and waste disposal processes.

As Aksa Akrilik Kimya Sanayii A.Ş., we give our undertaking that the requirements of these policies will be ensured and embraced by our employees.