Information Security Management System Policy

As Aksa Akrilik Kimya Sanayii A.Ş., we effectively monitor and review the risks threatening our information assets in all our processes and continuously provide improvement in the said risks with an aim to protect the confidentiality of our information assets, ensure to maintain the content of the information in a correct and complete manner, and to keep relevant information accessible to all related individuals whenever necessary.

We define our information assets, analyze security risks related to privacy, integrity and accessibility losses and create an effective information security risk management approach in order to reduce or eliminate the identified risks to an acceptable level.

We consider information security as a corporate responsibility, allocate necessary resources for the management of information security risks and ensure healthy operation of security surveillance, in addition to determining the authorities and responsibilities pertaining thereto.

We organize regular training activities to increase the awareness of our employees on the roles and responsibilities of third parties and stakeholders in information security.

In addition to our corporate information, we consider as the primary responsibility of all our employees, compliance of our customers, employees and all business partners, with all relevant laws and contracts for the security of the information

For the purpose of ensuring sustainability in critical processes, we develop appropriate business continuity plans and establish the necessary systems to manage information security violations and take appropriate measures to prevent recurrence.

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