The Value Added to the Employees

The Value Added to the Employees

All our human resources implementations are based on the respect for the human rights. Aksa believes that the principle power that will take further its global success is the talented, creative, happy and open to learning employees. Aksa knows that any contribution to the employees’ career will   have a direct impact on their success at work.

The systems used are providing to all our employees the opportunity to execute the right job at the right time, to develop their knowledge and talents in line with their needs, to get constructive and timely feedback concerning their performance. Due to our effective talent management implementations, the leaders of the future are determined among our employees. The employees’ participation is increased through different internal communications applications, efforts are made for increasing the employee loyalty level and all necessary measures are taken for securing a healthy and safe work environment.


Work Life at Aksa

Providing to our employees a work environment suitable to the human dignity is one of our primary corporate values. The human resources processes implemented over all our organization are respectful towards employee rights, reject any kind of discrimination and take into consideration the global human rights principles. We are looking for ways to expand this perception all through our value chain.

We, Aksa, are acting in light of these values in all our implementations, from recruitment to remuneration, from performance evaluation to career management; we are performing all the hiring processes free of gender considerations, without any discrimination, by evaluating the individuals who possess the characteristics suitable to the respective position. In the recruitment implementations, all our potential employees are approached equally, regardless of age, physical ability, race, ethnic origin, gender, religion, belief, sexual orientation. Our disabled employees are appointed for jobs suitable to their disability. Through our employment policy we are contributing to the socio- economic development in our operations geographic areas.


Talent Management

At Aksa, utmost importance is given to incorporate the quality labor force into the enterprise and preserve it in line with the business objectives; the talent management performance is continuously developed by the employee development and career management implementations.


Employee Development

The employees training at Aksa is planned by using a participation model. The Aksa Education Committee (AKEK), formed with the participation of representatives from departments and of members of the Representation Board, is giving advices and support to the Human Resources department concerning the employees’ training needs. Within this context, there are different activities taking place, such as Academic Support, Career maps, Developing Executive Seminar, Mentor mentee Program, Coaching Implementations.