Our Culture

Corporate values are our fundamental beliefs which are adopted by all employees and constitute the foundation of our culture ,and guide all employees to Aksa 's objectives.

Corporate Values

Business ethics :
We respect our ethical values and work with individuals and firms which share similar approaches with us.

Customer Orientation :
We ensure customer satisfaction by creating added value by new products and services. Our target is to be the best in terms of quality, service, production, price and delivery time.

Team work and Cooperation :
We encourage harmony and cooperation in team-work.

Creativity and Innovation :
Our business priority is to understand and meet our customers’ changing requirements in every area, through creativity and innovation in all our processes.

Health, Safety and Environment :
We aim for excellence in safety and environment as reflected in our approach to issues of workplace, products and in all our production processes.
Health and safety at work is regarded as the first priority at all levels throughout our business, from design through to after sales service.

Continuous Learning and Development:
Our employees' creativity and progress is our strength. We emphasize the importance of employee participation, empowerment and team working. We continuously learn and develop.