Leadership & Learning

Our leaders guide us, we learn through living , we develop through living , and Aksa grows.

Learn through living : If you are graduated from engineering, arts&science, economics and administrative disciplines of universities, you can be employed in various departments of AKSA. If you are a graduate of vocational school and willing to work in production departments, AKSA will be an ideal choice for your professional career. Once you start working in AKSA your training and learning process starts.

Through trainings about AKSA process and other fundamental areas your professional knowledge is continuosly refreshed and you are always one step ahead in your field.!!!

360 degree evaluation : Individual personal development planning is carried out by a “360- degree evaluation” with professional consultants. This is the first step in our “Leadership” route. 

Leadership Development Program : Personal development planning is related with the AKKÖK Leadership Development Program by which company strategies are carried out.

Performance Management System appreciates your success in both your skills and your job-related objectives and removing obstacles which are in the way of achieving your targets. Moreover you get feedbacks about your improvement areas, as you prepare your individual development program.

AKSA Training and Learning Policy; To improve skill and knowledge and to ensure the adaptation to new emerging technologies of self-confident and participative workforce who will work along with AKSA’s strategies. We are aiming to realize this policy by planning an average of 60 hour per year per person training program.