Why Aksa?

Aksa 's proven success is demonstrated by its 60-fold growth of the company since its foundation in 1968 , which is achieved through technology development in parallel with production ,thus bringing its share of world market to 14 %.

Today, in addition to the business of acrylic fiber, AKSA has also introduced carbon fiber production in Turkey. From its initial concept, the road to carbon fiber production has taken it into an independant business area through its focus on technology and production.

Our R & D Centre realizes projects by transferring our experience and knowledge to new and different fields in order to guarantee our future.

Our Energy Department drives our business, with the aim of supplying our increasing energy needs without any interruption.

Underlying our success is our most important resource, our people and our corporate culture, that of a learning and producing organisation.

We seek individuals who would like to share in AKSA’s future successes. If you would like to be one of us, have the aptitude to share our imagination and vision, you are invited to join us.