Material Disclosures 2020

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 Executive Liability Insurance 03.12.2020.pdf
 About revocation of certain resolutions with respect to the agenda of the General Assembly for 2014 (2015 682) 01.12.2020
 Notification Regarding Share Purchase 03.11.2020
 Notification Regarding Share Purchase 30.10.2020
 Notification Regarding Share Purchase 19.10.2020
 Notification Regarding Share Purchase 16.10.2020
 Notification Regarding Share Purchase 15.10.2020
 The action of liability filed against some of the Directors for the year 2013 20141200 E 13.10.2020
 Notification Regarding Share Buy Back 31.08.2020
 Notification Regarding Share Buy Back 18.08.2020
 Notification Regarding Share Buy Back 17.08.2020
 Notification Regarding Share Buy Back 07.08.2020
 Notification Regarding Share Buy Back 06.08.2020
 Corporate Governance Rating Report 20.07.2020
 Disposal of Buy Back Shares 08.07.2020
 About the Report of the Board of Directors regarding the transactions of the related party 06.07.2020
 Increasing the production capacity utilization ratio and termination of Short-work program 26.06.2020
 Renewing of the Corporate Governance Rating Agreement 27.05.2020
 Registration of Independent Audit Firm 21.04.2020
 Distribution of Duties among Directors 17.04.2020
 Assignment of Committee Members of the Board of Directors 17.04.2020
 Registration of Independent Audit Firm 15.04.2020
 Partial or Complete Suspension or Imposssibility of Operations 03.04.2020
 Notification Regarding Share Buy Back 23.03.2020
 Notification Regarding Share Buy Back 19.03.2020
 Notification Regarding Share Buy Back 18.03.2020
 Notification Regarding Share Buy Back 17.03.2020.
 Notification Regarding Share Buy Back 16.03.2020
 Sale of financial asset by our Joint Venture 04.03.2020
 Notification Regarding Dividend Payment 21.02.2020
 Notification Regarding Capital Increase Trade Registry Approval 13.02.2020
 Notification Regarding Capital Increase 10.02.2020
 Loss of Independent Board Member 10.02.2020
 Notification Regarding Capital Increase Decrease 28.01.2020
 Disposal of Buy Back Shares 23.01.2020
 Notification Regarding Capital Increase Decrease 17.01.2020
 Change in Production Capacity 09.01.2020