Sustainable Supply Chain Management Policy

  • At AKSA, we fulfill our business responsibilities with the perspective of “Sustainable Supply Chain” and make efforts to ensure that all suppliers and stakeholders will adopt a similar outlook and perspective.
  • Regarding our Supply Chain strategies, we set long-term goals and adopt an approach which is meant to produce and pioneer production of solutions to challenges in sustainability. We act with awareness that these are the approaches which will make our achievements sustainable and long lasting. We comply with Universal Rules of Law and global ethics.
  • At AKSA, we engage suppliers investing in improving the knowledge and expertise of its employees and encourage our business partners to make similar investments. We expect our employees and the employees of our suppliers to embrace sustainable development principles in their routine works and make all decisions in line with these principles. We take all actions on the basis of social diversity and affluence as well as lifelong learning principles.
  • Our Company ensures that our suppliers offer a healthy working environment to their employees, uphold occupational health and safety practices and prioritize the relevant aspects in their operations. AKSA does not hesitate to share necessary know-how and expertise with any of its stakeholders that may ask for support in that respect. On the contrary, it takes actions to support them.
  • At AKSA, we procure all products and services with a view to adding value to the company. According to our procurement strategies, we prioritize engagement of suppliers which offer innovative solutions, strive for protecting natural resources, invest in new technologies for continuous improvement of processes, take actions in harmony with human health and environment, treat their employees fairly in every platform, remain dedicated to sustainability and corporate social responsibility policies, and hold international certifications or take actions to obtain those certifications. We make use of internal and external audits in order to determine the availability of those criteria.
  • At AKSA, we work in coordination with technical departments in all supply processes so that we can opt for the projects which will contribute to our company in terms of high productivity and efficiency. We make all technical assessments primarily on the basis of “Efficiency” in order to prioritize products which will minimize consumption of critical resources such as water and energy.
  • AKSA strives to ensure extension of the abovementioned principles to all business processes with a view to attaining Sustainable Procurement goals and promoting continuous improvement in that respect. To that end, it takes care to maintain “Transparent and Accurate Communication” with suppliers, encourage its business partners to adopt similar goals and keep up with developments in the world on a regular basis.
  • AKSA upholds the 10 Principles of UN Global Compact and ensures observation of those principles in its entire supply chain. (

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